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Enviro Tec mission is to provide equipment maintenance technology and services that directly support our clients during facility shutdowns.

• Return the equipment to near 100% rated operating capacity • Maintain our commitment to safety through continuous improvement
• Adhere to the client shutdown Schedule • Provide documented performance improvements
• Increase client profitability and productivity • Decrease client operating cost


Enviro Tec is committed to the highest possible safety standards. Our safety program has guided us in safe and efficient operations with an accident free record. Every team member assumes responsibility for making safety the most important part of each job.
Our EMR is .817. Each year we have consistently out-performed the national safety average for our industry.

Management and personnel take great pride in our safety history, and because continuity is important to us, we welcome input for its improvement.

Commitment To A Drug-Free Workplace

Enviro Tec management is committed to a drug-free workplace for our team members and our clients. Every team member hold’s themselves to the highest standard of support to the program. As a team we recognize and commit to a drug free and safe workplace.


Enviro Tec has specialized in “return to new” surface cleaning of refinery heaters for over 30 years. Continually researching and developing environmentally friendly chemicals while refining our methods has propelled us to first place industry leader position for surface fouling removal. We evaluate surface foulings on-site and are the only organization able to provide “Method-Performance” technology guaranteeing “return to new” surfaces.

Method-Performance Results

Client Performance Results After Enviro Tec Cleaning Process

  • Documented savings up to 1.2 million/year have been realized
  • The ability to generate 6000 lbs/hour more steam off one heater
  • Inspection: “We have never seen the convection section that clean before, looked like new”
  • TAR Project Engineer: “Depending on varying energy value this is worth $1500-$3000/day per heater” (3 heaters cleaned)
  • TAR Manager: “As you can see, savings of approximately $1000/day have been obtained”
  • Refining Engineer, Platformer: “Steam production has increased, resulting in an annual $400,000 savings in energy at the boiler house” (1 heater)




“Some of our clients that trust us. Be sure to be one of them!”